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1. Wash the chicken pieces well and cut them into cubes. Sprinkle salt over them and place them in a yena bowl.

2. Peel the potatoes and carrots, wash them well. Cut the potatoes into cubes, carrots into rounds. I go with the chickens in the pot.

3. Squeeze the juice from two lemons. In a small bowl, mix with two teaspoons of oregano and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Pour this composition into the bowl, over the chicken and vegetables.

4. Fill with a glass of water and put in the oven (medium heat, 180 degrees). It takes an hour and a half, it would be good if you do not talk, or other worldly business, to take it out in the middle of the process and mix the composition from the pot (to avoid a disaster like: boiled chicken bottom and burnt chicken surface).

(Advertising) The most beautiful and cheapest vacation of summer 2020

Where is it better to go on summer vacation? Where there is sea and beach and where you can easily reach by personal car, even in a foreign country. And if you want to have a truly memorable vacation, we recommend you go to the Bulgarian or Greek coast.

Bulgaria and Greece are Romanians' favorites for summer vacation. Here you will find the cleanest beaches, fascinating landscapes and world-famous sights. Travel Planner has selected the most popular, but also accessible destinations during the summer.

On the Bulgarian coast, every tourist can enjoy a perfect summer vacation, regardless of age or requirements. The accommodation offer for the Bulgarian coast is diverse and accessible for all pockets - you can find the offers here. Most hotels are located on the beach or have easy access to the beach. The tourist packages for the summer season at the Black Sea in Bulgaria are very attractive and you can buy them with promotional rates.

If you want to go on holiday with family and children, then hotels in Bulgaria are an excellent option because they have many facilities. And if you want to spend your vacation with friends and want to have fun, it is good to know that in Bulgaria you can find clubs, discos, pubs, terraces, water parks, water sports.

In 2020, we invite you to relax on vacation at the Black Sea in Bulgaria, where you can bring your family and friends. Bulgaria means blue waves, fine sands, clean beaches, interesting sights, tasty food and accommodation at unbeatable prices. Does everything I've listed tempt you? We have made a list for you of the most beautiful locations in Bulgaria.

Here are some ideas for resorts and hotels on the Bulgarian coast:

1. Sunny Beach is wonderful and has a generous beach with very fine sand, near the city of Varna. This destination remains in 2020 in the top of the most appreciated on the Bulgarian coast. We have made for you a list of hotels that have irrefutable offers: iHotel, Hotel RIU Helios Paradise, Hotel Effect Grand Victoria, Hotel Royal Palace Helena Park, Club Hotel Evrika Beach etc.

2. Only the Golden Sands resort promises you rest and pampering. The best hotels on the Bulgarian coast are in the Golden Sands. Recently, more and more accommodation has been renovated and offers more and more interesting holiday conditions. Here is a top of the most beautiful, luxurious and cheap hotels: Hotel Grifid Marea (former Sentido), Hotel Grifid Vistamar, Hotel Grifid Bolero, Hotel Grifid Encanto Beach, Hotel Grifid Arabella, Park Hotel Golden Beach etc.

3. Albena is a resort on the Bulgarian coast, at a distance of only 320 km from Bucharest. It offers a wide range of hotels, with all-inclusive guesthouses and fun. Everything is adapted for families with children, but also for adults through the option of adults only hotels. The beaches are designed for comfort and relaxation, and accommodation prices cater to any budget. Travel Planner recommends these hotels: Hotel Kaliakra, Hotel Kaliakra Mare (formerly Dobrotitsa), Hotel Amelia, Hotel Primasol Ralitsa Superior Garden, Maritim Paradise Blue Hotel & # 038 SPA etc.

If you aspire to a relaxing or dynamic holiday with fairytale landscapes, then Greece is the ideal choice. On the Greek coast, you have at your disposal chic hotels with complex services, up to luxury resorts with various entertainment possibilities. According to your preferences, you can book accommodation in Greece with meals: breakfast, half board, full board, All Inclusive or Ultra All Inclusive.

Most hotels on the Greek coast offer free sun loungers by the outdoor pool. Moreover, some hotels that have direct access to the beach offer you all-inclusive umbrellas and sun loungers, plus a beach bar with delicious and refreshing drinks. And Greece is ideal if you want to go with the family, because hoteliers have entertainment offers that are hard to match.

Travel Planner has gathered for you the best holiday offers in Greece in 2020. You can choose half board packages at hotels on the Greek Riviera, but also on islands such as Thassos or Corfu. Regardless of the transport you choose to your destination, a beach holiday in Greece is always fabulous.

Here are some ideas for locations on the Greek coast:

1. If there were the concept of perfect destination, then in 2020 the island of Thassos would meet exactly its characteristics. Imagine a place where the picturesque, the tradition, the history, the fun and the relaxation combine in a harmonious way. We have made a list of hotel offers for you: Hotel Potos, Alea Hotel & # 038 Suites, Hotel Royal Paradise Beach Resort, Hotel Kamari Beach etc.

2. Do you want to fully taste the flavor of Greece? Then we advise you to plan a holiday in Halkidiki. You will be able to explore all three arms: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. The area is also called & # 8220trose of Poseidon & # 8221 due to the shape of the three peninsulas that stretch into the sea. Halkidiki is a complex region in all respects. Here are some recommendations: Hotel Blue Dolphin, Hotel Portes Beach, Hotel Akti Ouranoupoli etc.

Elena's kitchen

This recipe is for Protein Day from the Rina Diet - 90 Day Diet.

1 beautiful chicken breast (beautiful, meaning = fresh and big!)
salt, freshly ground pepper
dry thyme
2 teaspoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons olive oil
for smoke source:
2 tablespoons rice
2 tablespoons green tea
3 lime leaves
3 dried stems of lemongrass
1 handful of fir branches
aluminum foil

I folded, forming a package in which I drilled about 8-9-10 holes with a toothpick.

Why the deeper vessel? Well, so that the foil doesn't stick to the meat, when we seal all the "cosmelia". I put the meat on the grill.

And I grabbed it nicely and covered everything with foil, tightly wrapped around the edge of the bowl.


this gives a post of grade 10 ++++++. I live in the yard but I still never had the courage to start smoking meat. I will definitely try the recipe but I don't know where to find the fir branch. and without? or rather, with what could I replace them? kisses

Very interesting procedure! I don't know where to get lime leaves and dried lemongrass stems. otherwise I have them all.
As for the chicken breast - appetizing!

what a wonder..although I have a stuffy nose I feel such a smell of smoke, great appetite on my head. no, and I have no one :) so we will dig in search of fir and lemongrass, lemon leaves ..jumulimun tree on the street :) questions: why the oldest pan, it burns?

Sarah, I did it in the kitchen and there was no smoke! It works without a fir tree, you can choose some local spices, but from the not very aromatic ones. If you look at Dana on the blog, you will see that she did not put. But the aroma of the fir tree is vague and delicious. You can choose another tree that has some resins to form a fragrant smoke. You can find some green leaves of a banana variety that are fragrant and can be used, I think.

Liana, I peeled some leaves that had begun to wither on the lemon in the pot. I do not throw any leaves from it, I dry them and put them as a spice in fish or steak. At lemongrass, what can I say, I had for Asian dishes and I used only & quotinima & quot chopped. the rest, which was too woody, I could not bear to throw away, so I dried it, so I put it for flavor. You can try using green or dried bay leaves but kept a little in the water to smoke in the heat. Mint, or lemon I think would work for citrus flavor, I do not know.

Boscodina, I didn't know if it would burn or not, but it doesn't. That one had the thickest bottom and was deeper, so that the grater was below the level of the mouth, with the chicken on it. I thought about not sticking the chicken foil and drying it too hard. I was surprised, because I exceeded the time specified by Dana, and it was juicy, not dry. But I think the trick was the oil that "hydrated" a little meat. Otherwise, there is no smoke in the house, no smell, no one knows what it is until you open it and show them.

Elena, it amazes me, as usual. you are very brave. :))
I also craved a piece! :)
Kiss you!

You can also add allspice seeds to flavor the meat, but not too many. I understand that it would give a special taste, so I will try the fish.

very good idea, I live in the yard, so it's much easier to smoke meat, my father has a special procedure with a barrel, don't make me cry, because I don't know how, but I know that he smokes for Christmas HAM AND SAUSAGES THE HOUSE IS VERY GOOD.

Ana-Maria, don't just crave, take a virtual bite! It is fragrant and good, only with natural flavors.

Goldie, I know that method too, and I miss it so much now that I'm in the block. But this, in the house, is very good for smaller quantities and more special flavors, especially since it does not make smoke and smell in the kitchen. You don't even need a hood! I want to try the fish using the steak tray.

Impressive method and I will definitely try it when I have the kitchen working again. I kiss you dearly, Elena and I wish you a wonderful summer!

Narnia, I'm glad it caught your eye! A wonderful summer for you too! I miss you on the blog, but when the preparations are over, I look forward to seeing you, with a flower on the doorstep.

Oh, don't keep up with you for a century! I buy her chicken pastrami with nitrites!
tz tz tz. Ready!
scabies, coana Elena!

Ha, I'm going to smoke like that too, really interesting method, I'll let you know after I've gathered all the wonders and made the meat. Puuuupppp

Big congratulations. I also like smoked chest but I don't have any of the ingredients for smoke. I write down the recipe and when I go home in a month I will try. It looks great and I think it tastes incredibly good.
I increase everything you do, dear lady.

Elena, wonderful recipe. Have you tried to keep smoked meat for several days? About how long does it last?

Popeye Village

I'm starting with Popeye Village because it seemed to me the highlight of the trip our, a story place which should not be missed.

Because it is located in the northern part of the island, we arrived here in the morning with the idea of ​​staying 2-3 hours and then crossing by ferry to Gozo & # 8211 one of the other 2 Maltese islands that can be visited. Only we caught such beautiful weather and we liked it so much in Popeye Village & # 8230 that here we also caught the sunset.

Arriving in the area, we did not enter the complex directly but walked on the opposite side of the bay, to see the village from a distance. It's the kind of sight you find on a postcard, especially on a sunny day, so I recommend you don't miss it. It can also be descended on a stone platform, very close to the water. But I better let the pictures speak for themselves.

Entrance to Popeye Village costs money 11 euros for adults and 9 for children (updated prices and schedule here). Inside the park you will receive popcorn, a postcard and a picture taken on the spot and printed & # 8211 all included in the cost of the ticket. But the ultimate attraction which I'm sorry you can't miss is that you can even be actors in a movie with Popeye the sailor.

Twice a day at 11 and 14:30, takes place one at a time shooting, directed by Popeye. Tourists gather in the village square, the action is explained, the actors are chosen (mostly on a volunteer basis), the costumes are shared, then the actual filming takes place. Everything takes 30 minutes, the end result is a short film of about 7 minutes that you can see right in a movie theater, immediately, with popcorn in his arms and tears in his eyes. Laughter, nothing else. Moreover, you can receive the film by email (5 euros) and I guarantee it's the kind of unique memory which is really worth giving this money. We all 3 played in the movie from 11 and we had the most fun. We even liked it so much that we stayed at the movie at 2.30 pm, this time as spectators, to have fun at the expense of others.

In addition to movies with tourists, there are others moment of entertainment in the program, at fixed hours, all supported by the characters from the village, Popeye, Olive and Captain Bluto: sailor songs, dances, skill games or puppet theater (rather a stand-up comedy for adults).

Beyond the artistic program, the charm of the place is to visit all the hidden houses and corners of the village. At the highest point is arranged a mini golf course, in summer there are boat rides on the water, there is also an adult play area, 2 terraces and other small surprises.

And, bonus, if you get caught here in the area in the evening, it would be a shame not to see the sunset on the rocks, because the view is dreamy. Opposite Popeye Village begins a small path that leads to the high cliffs, where you are very close to the sea and you can freely admire the play of light between sun and water.


Lip balm is an indispensable product for lip care, being suitable for all family members. It has the property to reliably protect the delicate skin of the lips from harmful environmental factors and to completely regenerate it.

In the past, for the care of the lips, people used medicinal oils and herbs, and a little later, the resin-based balm was designed. This cosmetic product was considered a medicine and could be purchased in pharmacies in Russia.

The compositions of modern balms are much more complex and varied. Manufacturers add to their composition various valuable ingredients and flavors, & icircnsă most have the same composition:

- natural wax: this ingredient is used in the manufacture of many cosmetic products, being hypoallergenic. The component protects, softens the skin well and smoothes it, preventing drying, flaking and cracking
- vegetable oils and natural extracts: these ingredients have nutritional and regenerative properties. Jojoba, shea and almond extracts hydrate perfectly, and extracts of sage, aloe, tea tree, chamomile and calendula soothe irritations, relieve inflammation and prevent dryness
- vitamin complexes that give the skin a healthy appearance and protect it against premature aging. Vitamins A, E, B and F, perfectly soothe irritations
- UV filters, which effectively protect the lips from the sun's rays.

Choose lip balm & icircn depending on the season

In winter, due to frost and dry air, the skin of the lips is prone to flaking and cracking. Thus, nourishing conditioners must be chosen for their care.

In spring and autumn, the lips need vitamins, so & icircnc & acirct a conditioner based on vitamins and ingredients with antibacterial properties will be the perfect choice. This type of conditioner will ensure the most efficient and delicate care.

In summer, a conditioner with moisturizing properties and UV filters will be ideal for lip care, because this season, delicate skin can be affected by sunlight, so it needs effective protection.

Where to find the most innovative remedies

MakeUp is an online cosmetics store that has over 79,000 original, high-quality and reasonably priced products. Here you will find all the remedies of the biggest and most popular brands in the world, which will surely satisfy your requirements.

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