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10 Winter Wedding Cakes (Slideshow)

10 Winter Wedding Cakes (Slideshow)

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Walk down the aisle in a winter wonderland with these cakes

Snowy Cake

Looking like an ice sculpture, this cake by Unique Cakes by Marilyn has a playful blue color and gorgeously constructed details. We love the three tiers of glittery snowflakes and the whimsy they create.

Frosting Cake

Talk about elegance! This winter wonderland cake is a gorgeous token of wedding bliss if we ever saw one. Jacques Fine European Pastries artfully draped this cake in a seemingly effortless, satiny-looking style and embellished it with beautiful, subtle bling.

Winter Wonderland

This cake sincerely looks like something Frosty himself would have wanted at his wedding. The playful snowflakes and the elegant pearls create a unique look for the cake that provides interesting contrast.

Icy Cakes

Don’t feel like you’re getting the cold shoulder with this cake. The icicles are as fierce as they are gorgeous and would add a very Vogue vibe to any wedding dessert table.

Ice Blue

We love this wintry multicolored cake. The blue effortlessly fades into a beautiful wintery-themed cake that is perfect for a playful couple.

Arctic Sweets

With a nod to both winter and weddings, the details are what make this cake so memorable. We love the icy frosting and the monogrammed snowflakes that are balanced out by the classic floral designs.

Bling Bright

This cake harkens to a veil of glittery white snow across a gorgeous landscape. We feel so couture looking at a cake like this!

On the Slopes

For an adventurous couple, this extreme winter sport cake made for an excellent, playful accent to their wedding. We love the super personalized characters and unconventional cake topper.

Sweet Snowmen

For the couple that just loves the snow, this adorable snowman cake is cuteness at its ultimate peak! We love the simple design in the cake that allows us to truly appreciate the adorable cake toppers.

Winter Wildflowers

This towering cake is full of beautiful blossoms and definitely has a sense of magic to it. We love the delicate winter flowers and the bold design that goes into this cake!