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Cutest Halloween Prank: Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Cutest Halloween Prank: Reverse Trick-or-Treating

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Let's all do this next year, OK?

Sure, Halloween is over, but here is an idea for what to do with all your leftover Halloween candy: go reverse trick-or-treating.

A trio of pranksters walked around their city in costume, hiding behind a detached door with one or two bowls of candy, and some Halloween spirit. They set up in fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, college dorms, and other people's doorsteps, offering a treat or two to adults and children alike. Our favorite? Attaching the door to the side of the car and pranking the drive-thru attendees, or bringing the door through the grocery store checkout.

It may be too late to make this your Halloween costume, but next year perhaps? Or just get into the spirit, since Halloween was kind of canceled thanks to Sandy. Watch the adorably upbeat trio spread their Halloween spirit below, as baffled strangers become unplanned trick-or-treaters. Why can't this happen every day?

Reverse Trick-Or-Treating Is The Sweetest Halloween Prank

This genius Halloween costume is both a trick AND a treat.

YouTube user Trent Toney and his friend pulled off the ultimate Halloween costume this past weekend. Instead of trick-or-treating like normal, the duo dressed up as the people handing out the candy to trick-or-treaters. They even dragged along a door to make the costume as authentic as possible.

Toney wrote in the video's description that the prank was inspired by a comic illustrated by Doctor Popular. The funny thing is, Doctor Popular created the drawing after a user by the name of np312 posted an anecdote about reverse trick-or-treating on an Ask MetaFilter forum.

"One Halloween our doorbell rang and we opened the door expecting to see trick-or-treaters -- but what was in front of our open door -- was another door!" the comment reads. "Like, a full-on wooden door, that had a sign that said 'Please knock.' So we did, and the door swung open to reveal a bunch of college dudes dressed as really old grandmothers, curlers in their hair, etc., who proceeded to coo over our 'costumes' and tell us we were 'such cute trick-or-treaters!' One even pinched my cheek. Then THEY gave US candy, closed their door, picked it up and walked to the next house."

This comment was posted back in 2009, BTW. So the hilarious video below has basically been six years in the making.

Halloween Activities

This year, a lot of Halloween activities are going to look different. And it breaks every Halloween loving person’s heart to realize a lot of activities may even be canceled. If you’ve been around here before, you know might know that I have a Halloween obsession, it’s my favorite holiday!

We love to find Halloween activities for families, and of course, we’re suckers for Halloween date ideas.

When I realized 2020 may bring a lot of change, and perhaps even disrupt a lot of the Halloween fun we so love, I knew it was time to get serious about fun Halloween activities for kids and families. We started writing down a list of fun things we could do from home, or from a distance.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall Update Lets You Trick-Or-Treat With Cute Costumes For Halloween

With lockdowns sanctioned all over the world, it’s been nigh impossible to travel physically. But thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons , players have been able to live vicariously through the game and explore islands whenever they want. There’s no doubt that this has contributed to the cult-like popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH).

Halloween is approaching, and to celebrate the spooky holiday, Nintendo will be releasing a f ree ACNH game update on 30th September .

The update will allow players to take part in Halloween activities such as DIY pumpkin decoration and dressing up in Halloween costumes.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall update for Halloween

Grow your own pumpkins in your garden
Image adapted from: Nintendo

Nintendo recently released a video announcing an update, which will be made available on 30th September, for Animal Crossing: New Horizons . The video showed a variety of fun Halloween festivities players can take part in after the update.

For example, you can decorate your island and home with pumpkin-themed decor by purchasing pumpkin seeds from Leif or Nook’s Cranny in October. Grow the seeds in your garden and wait for them to be ready for harvest.

After the pumpkins have grown, you can harvest them for use in pumpkin-based DIY projects. The recipes for these DIY projects can be obtained from your fellow residents.

Image adapted from: Nintendo

Stock up on lollipops and candies before the main Halloween event so that you can go trick-or-treating with your neighbours. You can also obtain special in-game rewards and avoid getting spooked by the naughty residents by using these candies.

Buy Halloween costumes from Able Sisters’ shop
Image adapted from: Nintendo

You can also purchase Halloween costumes at the Able Sisters’ shop. Customise your Halloween look even further by exchanging Nook Miles for body paint and coloured contacts.

Halloween night celebration in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image adapted from: Nintendo

There will be a Halloween night event on 31st October, from 5PM-12AM . From 5PM onwards, everyone will be gathered in the plaza, which will be decked out with an array of Halloween decorations.

You will also receive a surprise visit from a mysterious guest called Jack, who claims to be the “czar of Halloween”. Give Jack lollipops and candy to earn spooky in-game rewards.

Image adapted from: Nintendo

Let loose, spook your neighbours, and go trick-or-treating to your heart’s content throughout the 7-hour event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons .

NookLink app update

Image adapted from: Nintendo

Have even more fun while playing ACNH by using the NookLink Service in the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app. The NookLink Service is also getting an update in early October. After the update, players can use their smartphone app to perform “Reactions” in the game.

Image adapted from: Nintendo

These “Reactions” will come in useful when celebrating Halloween in ACNH as you can react with a “terrified” face when your residents prank you or use a “frightening” face to scare your neighbours.

Trick or Treat Videos

Two dogs decide to go out trick or treating on Halloween night. Watch to see what happens when they come to a certain house to beg for treats.

A fun Halloween song for kids to teach English, just fun! If any of your friends like Halloween then be sure to tell them about the video!

An adorable song and video for children about trick or treating. Features puppet children and puppet goblins singing about the best night of the year for candy. Halloween. A fun, innocent song and video to sing and dance along with.

Find out what happens when two adults go trick or treating a week before Halloween. Will they get candy or will they be arrested?

DIY Trick or Treat Bag

  • canvas tote bag
  • fabric
  • paper-backed fusible interfacing (Wonder Under or Heat &lsquon Bond)
  • embroidery floss
  • free patterns: cat, bat, pumpkin

Trace your pattern onto the paper side of the interfacing.

Cut a nice, smooth edge around the outside of the the design. That outside edge is going to be staying on the bag, so you want it to look nice.

Turn your tote bag inside out and place the interfacing in the middle. Make sure the paper side is up and iron it down with a hot, dry iron.

Cut out the design. Remember that this is a reverse applique, so the inside is your scrap piece. You&rsquoll notice that the cat pattern I&rsquove provided is slightly different than the one you see on my bag. That&rsquos because I cut into the wrong part of the bag and had to improvise. Oops! Learn from my mistake!

Peel the paper backing off.

Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the interfacing, and lay it face down on top of your bag. Make sure it&rsquos covering all of the interfacing so you don&rsquot gunk up your iron. Follow the instructions on your interfacing, and iron the fabric down.

Trim off the excess fabric.

Turn the bag right-side-out. Do a running stitch around the outside of the design with a full strand of embroidery floss. Like I said, this isn&rsquot 100% necessary, but I recommend using a strong interfacing if you aren&rsquot going to sew it. (Heat &lsquon Bond Ultrahold or Pellon 725 should do the trick)

I think the bat one is my favorite DIY trick or treat bag. How about you? Can&rsquot wait to have the kids try them out on Halloween!

Check out my blog, Cutesy Crafts, to find more great ideas. I&rsquod also love for you to visit the following projects:

20 easy DIY Halloween tricks and treats

Pick your approach to Halloween &mdash scary or cute (or a little of both) &mdash and you'll find no shortage of clever ideas to spellbind passers-by or enchant your party guests.

That goes both for decorations (inside and out) and food and drink.

To help readers get fully into the spirit &mdash or as it were, spirits &mdash of the holiday, we've compiled 20 DIY projects to enhance your Halloween bash or neighborhood trick-or-treating experience. Most are simple and inexpensive, using easy-to-find materials or ingredients. Treats lean toward sweet, but a few are actually healthy.

So put on your costume, turn on some scary music and make this the creepiest, cutest, most fun Halloween yet.

1. Frankenstein pudding

Dye two batches of pistachio or vanilla pudding green with food coloring gel and serve it in a clear glass trifle bowl with a Frankenstein face drawn on it. Top with a layer of crushed cookies and gummy worm "hair" for a freaky dessert.

2. Pumpkin punch bowl

All you need to make a memorable party punchbowl is dry ice, a very large pumpkin and two large bowls that nest inside one another and are safe to handle dry ice. Hollow out the pumpkin, ensuring the opening is wide enough to hold the bowls. Place the larger of your two bowls in the pumpkin and use tongs to layer the bottom of the bowl with dry ice. Place the second bowl on top of the dry ice and fill the bowl with your punch (pictured is this pumpkin rum punch recipe from HonestlyYUM). Carefully pour hot water into the bottom bowl to activate the dry ice vapors. Replenish the dry ice as needed throughout your party.

3. Spooky fun fruit tray

Clementines &mdash either peeled or unpeeled and turned into jack-o'-lanterns with a marker pen &mdash are topped with celery stems, and bananas sport chocolate chip eyes and nose in this too-cute fruit display. Prepare the bananas just before the party starts to keep them white as long as possible.

As the stream of trick-or-treaters slows, invite your neighbors over for a drink. Toss a glow stick or two in with the ice in your cooler so they'll open up to an eerie gleam.

6. Pretzel mallow skeletons

The base can be a brownie square, a cupcake or, as shown here, an individually wrapped frosted cake disk. A shortened plastic straw or small wooden skewer holds the white-coated pretzel "bones" and jumbo marshmallow head in place. Use an edible black marker pen or tube of black writing gel to make the face.

Call it candy for grown-ups! Here's the recipe.

8. Garbage bag spider webs

Use trash bags to make these simple spider web decorations. See for the instructions.

Mix Kool-Aid powder with water in a beaker or pitcher, then use tongs to add dry ice pellets for a creepy addition to your Halloween party.

10. Pumpkin ice bucket

Cut a wide hole in a pumpkin that lies nicely on its side, hollow it out and fill it with ice to chill drinks at a Halloween party.

a festive manicure. Start with a yellow base. Once it's completely dry, paint your nail orange starting from 1/3 of the way from the base of your nail (use a French tip guide for a clean line). Let dry, and paint the tips of your nails white.

14. Pretzel pumpkins

These pretzel pumpkins from Butter With A Side of Bread are cute enough to eat. Dip pretzels in melted orange candy melts (or melted white chocolate dyed with food coloring), lay on wax paper and top with a green M&M before the orange coating begins to harden.

15. Mini-doughnut spiders

All you need are a bag of chocolate-covered mini-doughnuts, some medium-size pretzel twists, a few M&M's and a tube of frosting (eye "glue") to create these little cuties. A sharp serrated paring knife works well to saw off curved pretzel pieces for the spider "legs."

16. Fireball cider cocktail

To make this festive drink, all you need is cinnamon whiskey and apple cider. Here is the recipe, from

17. Creepy smiles

Apples, peanut butter (or another nut butter) and mini-marshmallows are all you need for this cute, reasonably nutritious treat. For vampire fangs, strategically substitute whole blanched almonds for a couple of the mallows.

20. Ghosts in the graveyard cupcakes

To make these cupcakes, tint frosting with black food coloring and slather over any cupcake for a layer of "dirt." Then pipe the same frosting onto a tombstone-shaped cookie (such as Milano or Cameo) to read "RIP." Dollops of white frosting are piped next to it to form the ghost, while a chocolate chip and jimmies give the edible apparition a face.

About Alison Sherwood

Pulitzer Prize-winning multimedia journalist Alison Sherwood is the web producer for the Journal Sentinel's lifestyle section, Fresh.

About Nancy Stohs

Nancy J. Stohs is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's award-winning food editor.

12 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Safely This Year

2020 has handed us its fair share of tricks, but despite an already scary year, we can still safely celebrate Halloween with kids. Since trick or treating is considered a risky pandemic activity, here are some safer alternatives to help keep spooky season fun. Who knows? This year’s creative take on Halloween might even end up being the most unforgettable one of all.

Decorate Spooky Treats

What’s Halloween without sweets? Skip the packaged candy and try decorating your own Halloween cakes or cupcakes with the kids. Frostbox delivers everything you need with decorate-it-yourself Halloween cake kits – no baking required. And if you live in Southern California, Duff’s Cake mix is a kid-friendly DIY cake decorating studio that takes reservations in advance. To host a small cupcake decorating party with family or friends, buy plain white frosted cupcakes and set out edible googly eyes, Halloween sprinkles, black sanding sugar, spider cutouts – whatever you’d like! Just make sure each kid has his own sprinkles and supplies. And if you don’t want to trick out your own treats, head over to Krispy Kreme – throughout the month of October they have the cutest scary-sweet monster donuts with easy delivery, pickup, or drive-thru in some locations.

Pumpkin Decorating Party

If weather permits in your neck of the woods, now is the perfect time to host a no carve pumpkin decorating party outdoors. All you need is mini pumpkins, some art supplies, and lots of creativity! Think outside the box with tempera paint, washi tape, markers, Sharpies, glow-in-the-dark puffy paint, glitter pens, and fabric strips to make mummy pumpkins. You can even wrap pumpkins in lace for effortlessly elegant fall decor. Just don’t forget the stick-on googly eyes – they make everything a lot more fun!

Halloween Care Packages

Go trick or treating in spirit with loved ones who live far away. Whether you have friends or relatives across the country or in the next town, sending surprise Halloween care packages is a sweet way to say “Boo, we’re thinking of you!” from a distance. Your candy care packages can include Halloween crafts, books, stickers, decor, hand-drawn art, and of course any sweet treat that won’t melt in transit.

Halloween Morning Zoom Puppet Show

The fun starts early on Halloween – 10:30am Pacific Time, to be exact! Bob Baker Marionette Theater, a decades-old Los Angeles treasure, will digitally delight little goblins and ghouls this year with its seasonal show, HaLLoWe’eN SpoOkTaCuLaR – on Zoom! This cute-but-not-creepy celebration of all things Halloween features sweet puppet spooks like Dracula, the Purple People Eater, and even some tap-dancing jack-o-lanterns. Tickets for the Bob Baker Zoom show are just $10 and must be reserved in advance.

Kid-Friendly Spooky Movie Night

Nothing captures October excitement like a “scary” movie marathon at home. Need family-friendly Halloween movie picks? Try Curious George: A Halloween Boo-Fest or Super Monsters Save Halloween for preschoolers and Hotel Transylvania, Hocus Pocus or A Nightmare Before Christmas for older kids. If you have a movie projector and space to spread out in the yard, an outdoor Halloween movie night (with costumes of course!) could be just the ticket to celebrate safely with a small group of friends. Instead of trick or treating, you can give each moviegoer a goodie bag with individually wrapped popcorn, candy and treats.

Drive-By Costume Parade

2020 has ushered in new traditions, like drive-by birthday celebrations to mark milestones in a socially distanced way. Why not plan a creepy costume crawl with classmates or pandemic pods as well? It’s a fun and easy way to see friends, check out each other’s costumes, and wave from afar. Carve out a time, send digital invitations, blast some Halloween music and hand out sweet treats through car windows, if you’d like. And if your street permits, friends can even park and hop out for a spaced-out neighborhood costume parade, all while dancing to Monster Mash.

Reverse Trick or Treating

Think of it like the opposite of trick or treating — instead of going door to door collecting candy from strangers, you’re visiting family and friends to drop off some fun. Deliver pre-assembled treat bags and Halloween crafts to cousins or anyone who’s part of your quarantine squad – dressed in costume, of course! The beauty of this is that it doesn’t have to wait until Halloween night. You can coordinate reverse trick or treat outings in the days leading up to Halloween, too. Talk about squad ghouls.

Mind Your Mask

This might come as a surprise, but this year, we can’t rely on costume masks for protection. Per the CDC, costume masks are NOT adequate substitutes for the cloth masks meant to guard against COVID-19. They also recommend that costume masks not be worn over cloth masks, because double masking in this way can make breathing difficult. Try to find a costume that can be worn with a cloth mask for children over the age of 2 – and save the plastic face coverings for next year.

Spooky Scavenger “Haunt” at Home

Nothing is 100% safe this year, except for celebrating exclusively at home. If you’re planning to stay put this Halloween, you can still make it fun for little ones with a haunted treasure hunt. Hide Halloween treats, mini pumpkins and other surprises throughout the house and leave simple hints to lead them on their way. Grown-ups can join in on the fun with costumes and silly hats too – because let’s face it, is there anything more giggle-inducing than mom, dad, grandma or grandpa decked out in Halloween gear?

Virtual Halloween Party

By now, kids in kindergarten and above are familiar with video conferencing tools like Zoom. Preserve some of that spooky spirit by letting your child host a virtual Halloween party in lieu of getting together in person with friends. Kids come dressed up, listen to Halloween music, play games, take turns reading spooky stories – whatever they choose to do, they’ll love connecting with their friends on Halloween, even if it’s through the computer screen.

Open Air Halloween Events

From drive-thru haunted houses to jack-o-lantern festivals, plenty of cities throughout the country are hosting car-friendly and walkthrough Halloween events. Be sure to check for terror-ific ideas on safe open air Halloween happenings in your area.

Get Spirited at Home

From Halloween pajamas to dollar store decor, we still plan to resurrect a few of our Halloween traditions from years past. As the big day nears, you can surprise little ones with scary good snack spreads, too. Keep it simple — think banana ghosts with chocolate chip eyes, or sandwich cookie spiders with pretzel stick legs and edible googly eyes. If you have a steady hand, you can even drizzle cobwebs on pancakes with chocolate syrup and place a gummy spider on top. Since all kids love sinking their teeth into creepy treats, a little effort goes a long way. Bone appétit!

2020 might feel like all tricks and no treats, but pandemic Halloween isn’t cancelled after all. It’s just a little different – and maybe a bit sweeter and more memorable, too.

Ani is an award-winning writer and content strategist who has been the voice of many brands for 15+ years. When she’s not busy crafting stories, she's baking healthy treats for her kids or finding her sanity on a spin bike. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids.

I can't pinpoint exactly when I started to dislike Halloween, but the older I've gotten, the more deeply I loathe the so-called holiday. Between macabre-themed parties, skimpy costumes, and strangers constantly knocking on my door, I'm pretty much over it. I did think that once I had children of my own, I'd start to appreciate it again — the way I did when I was young and trick-or-treating in my mom's handmade costumes — but instead, I find myself trying to convince my husband that our kids won't miss it (he strongly disagrees).

If you are like me and say "boohoo" to Halloween every year instead of just "boo," there's definitely no reason you and your family have to hide out in a dark house as hordes of children in search of processed sugar invade your neighborhood. You can still have a lot of fun — it just won't revolve around death, monsters, or candy. Here are 10 things you can do instead of trick-or-treating this year to enjoy the day in your own way.

สปาเกตตี Halloween
เมนูเส้นอย่างสปาเกตตี เป็นเมนูยอดฮิตของคุณเด็กๆ ที่สามารถนำมาดัดแปลงเป็นเมนู Halloweenสุดหลอนได้เช่นเดียวกัน เริ่มจากการใช้สปาเกตตีเส้นดำ ราดด้วยซอสสปาเกตตีสีแดงสูตรปกติ ราดให้เหมือนกองเลือดอยู่บริเวณตรงกลางให้สวยงาม พร้อมตกแต่งด้วยเม็ดมะกอก 2 ทำให้เป็นลูกตา 2 ข้าง ง่ายๆเพียงเท่านี้เอง

Pizza หน้าผี
มาแปลงร่าง Pizza ทั่วๆไป ให้แลดูน่ากลัวด้วยการทำเป็นแผ่น 4 เหลี่ยมกันเถอะ เมื่อได้แป้งมาเป็นแผ่น 4 เหลี่ยมแล้ ว หลังจากนั้นทาซอส Pizza ลงไปให้ทั่วแผ่น นำซอสมาแต่งขึ้นโครง ให้แลดูเหมือนใบหน้าศพ เว้นดวงตาไว้เพื่อใส่ชีส ส่วนจมูกและปากใส่มะกอกดำ เขี้ยวแสยะยิ้มก็ทำมาจากหอมใหญ่ ก่อนที่จะโรยชีสขูดพร้อมผงออริกาโนลงไปให้ทั่วนำเข้าเตาอบอุณหภูมิ 400 องศา ใช้เวลา 12 นาทีเท่านั้น ก็นำเอาออกมาจากเตาพร้อมจัดเสิร์ฟได้เลย

เปลี่ยนไข่ต้มธรรมดา ให้มีลายแมงมุมเกาะ ไข่ต้มสีขาวกลมเกลี้ยง เพิ่มลวดลายใยไข่แมงมุม ให้มีความสวยงามมากยิ่งขึ้น ช่วยเพิ่มความสนุกสนานในช่วง Halloween อย่างสุด ๆ สามารถทำได้อย่างง่ายดายมาก ๆ เพียงแค่ล้างไข่ให้สะอาด แล้วนำไปต้มพร้อมกับบลูเบอร์รีแช่แข็ง หลังจากนั้นตักขึ้นมาวางบนผ้าสะอาด ใช้หลังช้อนเคาะเปลือกไข่ให้พอแตก เพียงด้านใดด้านหนึ่ง แล้วใส่ไข่กลับลงไปในหม้อต้มตามเดิม หลังจากนั้นนำไปแช่เย็นข้ามคืน วันต่อมาปอกเปลือกออก ก็จะได้ลายแมงมุมแล้ว

วัน Halloween อย่าลืมของตกแต่งที่เกี่ยวกับแม่มด วิธีทำ เริ่มจากการตีเนยและน้ำตาลทรายให้เข้ากันจนฟู เติมไข่ไก่และกลิ่นอัลมอนด์ลงไป ใส่แป้งสาลีอเนกประสงค์พร้อมเกลือลงไปผสมให้เข้ากัน เมื่อเนื้อเนียนเข้ากันดีแล้ว ให้คลุมด้วยแผ่นพลาสติกถนอมอาหาร ก่อนที่จะนำเข้าไปแช่ในตู้เย็น 40 นาที เพื่อให้ส่วนผสมทั้งหมดเซ็ทตัวเข้าด้วยกัน ตั้งเตาอบที่อุณหภูมิ 325 องศา นำแป้งที่เซ็ทตัวแล้ว มาปั้นให้เป็นรูปนิ้วคน ก่อนที่จะวางเม็ดอัลมอนด์ผ่าซีกลงไปบริเวณด้านบน ให้เหมือนเล็บ ก่อนที่จะนำเข้าไปอบ 17-22 นาที เสิร์ฟพร้อมซอสสตรอวเบอร์รี่ มีความสยองขวัญแบบเข้ากันมาก

While the guests are waiting in the living room to taste the snacks, pretend you forgot something in the kitchen, and then as if you had cut with a knife, the scream will alert the guests. And when they arrive, they will find a false plastic finger full of fake blood.

This joke is ideal for kids who have trouble getting up in the mornings and takes forever to get out of bed. Find the scariest mask that you will use for this joke. Put it on the pillow so that the first thing that a child will see is a terrible mask.

Now we will present you a couple of pranks for adults that you can apply to a party for Halloween:

To give more than a scare, make pranks to your friends that will leave them shaking in fear until they remember that this is about you.

If any of your friends go home early, get in the back seat of his/her car. Crouch down so that he/ she doesn’t see you while entering. The first thing that he or she will look in the mirror. That’s the opportunity to scare her/him. Another vehicle joke that you can try is to get under the motor, if there is enough space and grab your ankles to your friend.

Frightens your spouse or roommate with a fogged mirror trick write in the mirror something to give him/her a good scare, breathe restlessly on the mirror until fogging. You will see the words written on the mirror. Let it dry naturally without rubbing the words and the next time she/he bathes, will see the message in the mirror when fogging.

Watch the video: Halloween Nacht - Halloween lieder - Süßes oder Saures - muenchenmedia (June 2022).


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