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Smoothie with yogurt, bananas and kiwi

Smoothie with yogurt, bananas and kiwi

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We like these instant and natural drinks so much that we are used to consuming them almost every morning, but always prepared differently.
They are perfect for breakfast, something else, often we don't even serve.

  • For 2 servings:
  • 1 well-ripened banana
  • 2 kiwi fruits
  • a few mint leaves
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 100 gr creamy yogurt

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Smoothie with yogurt, bananas and kiwi:

All we need for this smoothie with yogurt, bananas and kiwi, apart from the ingredients, is a blender to smooth the fruit evenly and homogenize the delicious smoothie.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Sprinkle the banana slices with lemon juice so they don't oxidize.

Add the mint leaves and yogurt, turn on the blender and get ready for our delicious and very filling drink, full of vitamins and beautifully colored.

Good appetite!

Banana and peach smoothie

Banana and peach smoothie
Lately I try to eat as modestly as possible, in other words I have entered a stricter diet from which I try not to deviate.
Vegetables and fruits come first and I consume them in all possible ways.
The other day I received a nice gift from Health Life which contained a lot of healthy Sano Vita products and a & # 8222 toy & # 8221 that I wanted for a long time- Tefal personal blender.
It fell apart, as I have the opportunity to prepare combinations of smoothies in which to add besides fruits different seeds only good in my diet.

Healthy products Sano Vita

The first smoothie prepared was this Banana and peach smoothie in which I added besides bananas and fresh peaches, eco rice drink, coconut oil, Flaxseed and cashew nuts, all from Sano Vita.
I hydrated both flax seeds and cashews before using them in cold water.
flax is an important source of Omega 3 fatty acids, for their assimilation it is preferable for flax seeds to be ground or hydrated before being consumed.
They improve digestion, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels and provide a feeling of satiety. They can be added to juices, smoothies, soups, meatballs or bakery products.
Cashew nuts They contain many important fiber, vitamins and minerals for the human body and healthy unsaturated oils, but have a lower dose of fat than other nuts and peanuts.

Surprises for fans !!

If we kept talking about healthy products from Health Life and of Tefal's personal blender , I must tell you that we have a nice surprise for you.
Follow our Fb- pageCheerful cooks, we will start a contest as soon as possible !!
A lucky person will receive a gift just like mine, with many Sano Vita products and the personal Tefal Blender.

Banana and peach smoothie - Ingredients

2 bananas
3 peaches
a teaspoon of flax seeds
30 g raw cashews
a teaspoon of coconut oil
150 ml eco rice drink, cold
Chia seeds
peach slices
mint leaves

Banana and peach smoothie - Preparation

The flax and cashew seeds are each put in a cup of cold water and left to soak for a few hours.
Peel the peaches and place them in the blender jar with the bananas.

Add flaxseed and cashew seeds drained of water, coconut oil and rice drink.
Screw in the blender knife, place in the appliance and press for a few seconds 2-3 times until a homogeneous composition is obtained.

Unscrew the blender knife and attach the lid if the smoothie is packaged.
If it is not packaged then it is poured into glasses, it is decorated with some chia seeds, peach slices and mint leaves and it is consumed with great appetite !!

Banana, cherry and mint smoothie

The new Blender Active Blend Active Pro Breville is my new gadget in the culinary area. I adore him! Already!
More and more I like that it has a portable container. In other words, I put the ingredients in it, let it do the work and then take it with me!
It has a great design, you say it's classy jewelry :))) Very, very nice!
My old blender was quite big, so when I put 2-3 fruits, they stuck to the walls, being big, and didn't mix properly! Finally, my new blender is perfect, the container is big enough to get two servings of smoothie, but small enough to mix everything.
Thank you Breville for such a wonderful gift!

Preparation time: 5 minutes
No. of servings: 2

& # 8211 200 gr frozen cherries (without seeds)
& # 8211 1 banana ripens well
& # 8211 some fresh mint leaves
& # 8211 150 ml diet yogurt

I opened the container from the blender. Inside I put the cherries (I stopped 4-5 cherries for decoration), peeled banana and cut into large slices, washed mint.

I attached the blender unit container and gave it speed.

Although the cherries were frozen, the blender did its job brilliantly. The material is really nice and durable, so it did not affect the walls of the container.

I put a layer of yogurt in a jar, I put some cherries, then I poured the fruit content. We relished the desire to read, we fought with the dwarves to suck in it. Needless to say, he was asked for this drink :))))

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Yogurt cake with kiwi & bananas

Mix the composition until you get a homogeneous mass.

Wallpaper with a baking paper a form with removable walls with the size (20 cm) and put in it the composition of the biscuits, leveling evenly over the whole surface.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Soak the gelatin in water and let it swell for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, peel the kiwis and cut them into cubes.

Mix kiwi with lemon juice and sugar.

Heat the mixture over medium heat for 2-3 minutes, until the kiwi begins to remove the juice. Allow to cool.

Put the yogurt in a bowl, add the mixture of kiwi and melted gelatin, mix the composition well.

Cut the bananas into slices and arrange them over the cookie sheet.

Cover the banana layer with the kiwi mixture with the yogurt and refrigerate the cake for 6 hours (or preferably overnight).

When it is ready, take the cake out of the mold and remove the baking paper.

8 amazing and delicious yogurt yogurt recipes to enrich your breakfast

What did you have for breakfast? Well, if you want to try something a little different that is also good for you, try one of the eight delicious yogurt toothbrush recipes. It's just the right start you need for a perfect and beautiful day:

1. Kiwi and yogurt toothbrush

Our first breakfast brush is a delicious taste, kiwi fruit and blueberries to wake you up in the morning. You can even add half a teaspoon of sesame seed oil if you want some added hazelnut flavor.


  • 4 x kiwifruits, cleaned and diced
  • 1 x banana
  • 2 x teaspoons honey
  • 1 x cup of fresh blueberries
  • 1 x cup of plain yogurt
  • ½ crushed x cup of ice

2. Coconut and pineapple brush

Awaken the taste of the Caribbean with this Pina Colada-inspired smoothie. Enjoy fresh mix of pineapple and coconut to start the day.


  • ¼ cane milk coconut x
  • ½ cane x coconut yogurt
  • 1 cup x fresh, chopped pineapple
  • Honey 1 tbsp x
  • ½ crushed x cup of ice

3. Banana and oatmeal

For a more protein-packed breakfast smoothie, try this fantastic and healthy breakfast recipe:


  • 2 x sliced ​​bananas
  • ¼ x cup oatmeal
  • 2 x teaspoons honey
  • ¼ x teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ x cup plain yogurt
  • ½ x cup of almond milk

4. Low calorie breakfast green toothbrush

This low calorie, yogurt-based toothbrush is a nutrient-packed way to start the day. It's a great way to get that energy you need for the rest of the day. It is a delicious and surprising mixture of vegetables, fruits and yogurt.


  • ½ x avocado, cleaned and chopped
  • 1 x kiwi, peeled and chopped
  • 1 x peeled and chopped apple green
  • ½ cup x fresh orange juice
  • ½ cup x vanilla yogurt
  • ¼ cup of mint leaves
  • Add honey and ice, depending on your taste.

5. Berry and yogurt toothbrush to kick start the day

A berry and yogurt toothbrush is a great way to jump start the day. The light taste of the tart is sure to wake you up and the nutritious content will feed your body all the way through until noon.


  • ½ x cup of fresh raspberries
  • ½ x cup fresh strawberries
  • ½ x cup blackberries fresh
  • 1 cup yogurt x vanilla
  • 1 x small bananas
  • Honey 1 tbsp x
  • 4 x ice cubes
  • Add a little water if you need to

6. Banana, peach, yogurt and a ginger toothbrush appetite

This smoothie has many benefits, in addition to being a great breakfast smoothie. It will also calm the digestive system and calm the nerves, so give it a go, it's simple to do:


  • 1 cup yogurt x vanilla
  • ½ cup x fresh slices of peach
  • 1 x sliced ​​banana
  • 1 x tablespoon of honey
  • ½ tablespoon grated ginger
  • 4 x ice cubes
  • Add a little water if you need to

7. An orange dream

A wonderful appetite on an orange juice for breakfast: combine it with some yogurt, mango and fresh oranges and get all that vitamin C, in a tasty and nutritious breakfast with a hint of vanilla.


  • ½ x cup of plain yogurt or vanilla
  • ½ x cup of fresh orange juice
  • 1 x peeled and segmented with fresh oranges
  • 1 x peeled and chopped mango
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract x
  • 4 x ice cubes

8. Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie Recipe - The Best Yogurt Brush Ever!

This is the simplest and best yogurt breakfast brush ever! Just mix the ingredients together and enjoy a satisfying breakfast treatment.


  • 1 x sliced ​​banana
  • ½ x cane orange juice
  • 1 x cup plain yogurt
  • 1 x cup fresh strawberries
  • 4 x ice cubes

Varieties of yogurt smoothie recipes are almost unlimited! What are your favorite yogurt smoothie recipes for breakfast?

Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Kiwi juice with bananas

I recommend adding some fresh basil leaves and a cardamom / hell powder and cinnamon to this juice. The effect is spectacular.

Suzana Bica, September 15, 2013

and with yogurt or whipped milk it's good. good bad

Iolanda Itu-Lambrache, September 15, 2013

burdulea maria elena (Chef de cuisine), July 21, 2012

constanta proca (Chef de cuisine), June 25, 2011

I did something like that, it's very good. We eat a lot of vegetable and fruit juices at home.

Piri Piri and Cinnamon (Chef de cuisine), April 29, 2011

Very good. I have to try too :)

Lia Maria (Chef), April 28, 2011

My favorite soft drinks yumi, yumi. Do you have another glass for me?

Mihaela11 (Chef), April 24, 2011

Very fragrant! ***** Happy Holidays! May God give you a rainbow at every storm, a smile at every tear, a blessing at every step, a promise at every care and an answer to every question!

Delicious and healthy banana smoothie recipes

Besides the fact that they are absolutely delicious, bananas are also a rich source of vitamins and nutrients beneficial to the body, having many benefits, such as combating water retention, lowering blood pressure or regulating intestinal transit.

Also, several studies have shown that women who regularly consume this fruit are at a much lower risk of cancer, bananas contain a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin B6.

In addition, a banana contains about 100 calories, but is extremely filling, being excellent when it comes to diet!

Unbaked cake with yogurt cream, bananas and kiwi

The fruits (oranges, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, peaches) are cut into pieces and the cake is assembled. Rating: 4 & # 8211 16 votes & # 8211 30 min. And if you like really tasty cakes, I invite you to see here these Sweets recipes.

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Slimming Smoothie Recipes

Oatmeal and Raspberry Smoothie

I bet you didn't know you could put oats in the classics smoothie recipes for weight loss. It may sound strange, but it is a wonderful and filling recipe. Oats make the smoothie thicker, more lively and satisfying. This drink will keep you in the village until noon.


  • 1 cup kefir (or yogurt from vegetable products)
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • ¼ cup of rolled oats
  • unsweetened chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon honey (optional)

Mix all ingredients until creamy.

Spicy Apple Smoothie

Imagine that the apple pie is very good for your health and you could drink it. This recipe is part of the list smoothie recipes for weight loss which you will love. We have all the spices and flavors of a sweet apple dessert, but without any added sugar (except a little honey) or carbohydrates.


  • March 1 in quarters
  • ¾ Greek yogurt cup
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon cardamom
  • ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
  • ¾ cup unsweetened almond milk
  • ½ tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon protein powder with vanilla

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Avocado and Pineapple smoothie

This is a super creamy smoothie that will satisfy your sugar cravings naturally! The avocado in this smoothie provides plenty of essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E, K, B, C, plus anti-inflammatory and wonderful digestive enzymes. It is a delicious recipe in the list of 5 smoothie recipes for weight loss.


  • 5 ice cubes
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • ½ peeled avocado
  • ½ banana
  • 1 small piece of ginger
  • 1 drop of liquid stevia
  • 1 tablespoon hemp seeds
  • 1 pineapple cane
  • 11/2 cup coconut water

Stir until creamy

Green smoothie

All of these ingredients are central nutrients that work together to boost your metabolism and keep you satisfied. Avocado is full of healthy fats that keep you feeling full for longer. Cucumbers also work to keep you full of their moisturizing properties. Kiwis are excellent sources of dietary fiber to aid digestion, and kale includes a combination of fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. It's my favorite on the list 5 smoothie recipes for weight loss.


  • 1 cup almonds, rice or soy milk
  • 2 kale leaves
  • ½ green sea
  • 1 piece of cucumber (medium)
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 peeled kiwi

Mix all ingredients until creamy. If you are looking for more weight loss recipes, try these 6 simple and natural anti-inflammatory juices.

Protein Smoothie with Oranges

The high protein profile and high fiber content of this creamy smoothie makes it an excellent choice when battling hunger during the weight loss journey. Both protein and fiber slow down digestion and promote satiety signals to be transmitted to the brain. Let's just say that the food will be in your mind for the next few hours - if not like me, you will like this smoothie too much and can't wait to have it again!

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