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Sandwich with drum and salami

Sandwich with drum and salami

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Cut the horn in half, grease with butter, put the salami, the drum and a lg of horseradish sauce;

Cut the horn in half, toast, leave for 1-2 minutes and serve!

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How to prepare a real homemade drum, all Romanians need to know!

The traditional dishes fill the meals of the Romanians during the holiday period, and of these, the most popular are the pork dishes. Therefore, for a more festive feast, we offer you the best drum set.

2 pork ears, 2 pork kidneys, a pork tongue, a piece of pork tenderloin, a pork heart, a pork stomach, 250 grams of pork with meat, half a kilogram of pork pulp, 8 cloves of garlic, salt, ground pepper, peppercorns, bay leaves

The most delicious & # 259 drum & # 259 homemade & # 259: Preparation:

For the traditional pork drum, made of pork stomach, clean the inner membrane of the pork stomach well. The simplest method, and the recommended one, is the cleaning with coarse salt. After rubbing well, wash and leave for about an hour with water and sliced ​​onions to neutralize the odor. Then we take out the stomach and clean it well, according to In the case of buying a pig's stomach for a drum, you can find it ready and clean.

We boil the ears, kidneys, tongue, heart, muscle, bacon and pork leg, after which it is seasoned with peppercorns, salt to taste and bay leaves. Leave it on the fire for an hour, and after it boils, take it out and leave it to cool. The tongue is cleaned of white skin and is chopped, along with the other cheeks, in large cubes. Then mix with the crushed garlic, salt and ground pepper to taste, and two tablespoons of the boiled juice.

Fill the stomach with the obtained composition and sew the opening, then insert it into a piece of tights, which fit snugly at the ends.

We boil the juice that boiled the organs again, and when it starts to boil, the drum is put in the pot. Let it boil for 30 minutes, squeezing the drum with a needle. Remove from the juice with a spatula and place in a bowl. We put a wooden bottom on top of the drum, and I put a weight on it. Leave the drum cold at least until the next day.

How to make smoked homemade salami, made from pork and beef

The slaughter period of the pigs is approaching, and some of the Romanians, in addition to the traditional products, prepare smoked salami. I use pork, which I usually combine with beef. There is no lack of spices, which offer a special taste. The recipes vary from case to case, from one area to another, and the taste is unmistakable.

In the county of Arad, some of those who slaughter pigs prefer homemade salami, to the detriment of the acorns. Beef is used on pork, and some spices are used. Some people prefer to make it more spicy, which is why they use the sweet paprika on the hot paprika.

Ar & # 259dean chef Adrian Pop says that at the country house, located in the county of Arad, he prefers to make salami, after a classic restaurant. # 259 & icircn this & # 259 area & # 259. & bdquoThis type of salami is a very tasty one and also appreciated. It is more than just known N & # 259dlac salami, and starting from this preparation, people make different kinds of salami. "We need pork, beef, garlic, garlic, paprika, cumin, salt and pepper," says Adrian Pop.

The chef presents us with the recipe that he prepares after the pork is slaughtered and the steps that must be followed for the smoked salami to be eaten. 259 frie one delicious: & bdquoTo get 10 kilograms of salami we use six kilograms of pork, two kilograms of beef, two kilograms of pork fat, 400 kilograms of pork fat, 400 grams of paprika (sweet, spicy or combined), 300 grams of garlic, 30 grams of pepper and 150 grams of cumin. Chop the pork, the beef, the bacon and the garlic. This mixture is mixed well, and then all the ground spices are added. Mix a lot, until it blends well. The salami machines are prepared and they are filled. For three or four days, the salami is left to dry, in a cold and airy place. Then we put the smoked salami for a few days, and then we put it in the oven again.

The recipe can vary from case to case, and the basis is the one presented by the chef & # 259dean. Smoked salami can be stored in the refrigerator and freezer, keeping the taste unmistakable.
Welcome & # 259 good & # 259 & # 537i s & # 259rb & # 259tori happy!

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  • Snacks, pretzels, salads, chips, puff pastry, wafers, popcorn, biscuits of any kind
  • Dried fruits or entrusted - plums, apricots, cranberries, goji, figs, dates, etc. juices, jam, jam, aerbet, fruit mousse, fruit yogurts
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How to prepare the best drum

Caltabosi it is prepared from pork and bones, organs such as the heart and lungs. The liver should be avoided as it strengthens the preparation and mice. All are boiled for about two hours, then the meat is removed from the bones, minced in the machine, seasoned with salt, pepper, possibly allspice and a little garlic.

& Icircn regarding drum, & rdquoWe in the country make it classic, only from the collar, tongue, mice, head, organs (without liver, that it becomes fad), mice and beef bones. The organs are boiled separately from the stalk and the head, and when they are ready, they are cut into small pieces. In another pot the meat is boiled, then here, in the same water, the bones and the mouse are boiled to give the gelatin. I put garlic, salt, pepper in this juice. The meat is deboned, diced, mixed with the organs and the gelatinous juice is poured over them. Stir for 15 hours in 15 minutes. As it is getting colder, but it is still warm, we put the preparation of natural beef, taken from the butchers & rdquo, we find out from Dumitru Stroie.

Cheese sandwich, delicious to lick your fingers! See the chef's secret

It looks like a common cheese sandwich, but it's not like that at all! In order for the cheese to be neither too soft nor too hard, there is a secret of the chefs.


1 slice of toast
350 g grated cheese (can be cheddar, parmesan or even cheese)
6 tablespoons butter

Method of preparation:

Grease each slice of bread with butter. Heat a non-stick grill or skillet over medium heat. Put six slices of bread on a plate. Add grated cheese to the ungreased side of them.

You can add other toppings as desired (bacon, green onions, tomatoes, salami, etc.). Place the remaining bread on top, with the greased side up.

Place one or two sandwiches on the grill or in the pan and fry them on both sides until golden brown. Serve hot with a cup of milk.

Pretty Salami Recipe

After boiling, it will be left to cool in the juice in which it was boiled, then it will be put in the wind to dry well. We present you a delicious homemade salami recipe. Sausages with thyme garlic and white wine recipe here.

Baked Salami Recipes Cooking Recipes Baked Food Drinks

Homemade Salami A Natural Delicacy Without Chemical Additives And Net Tasty Preservatives

Baked Homemade Salami Recipes With Gina Bradea

Homemade Salami Recipe Similar To Sibiu Salami Gina Bradea Recipe Artisan Food Romanian Food Romania Food

Baked Homemade Salami Recipes With Gina Bradea

Boiled Salami A Delicious Homemade Chef Sausage

Everything is simple and tasty, made from carefully chosen meat.

Boiled homemade salami recipe. Prev article next article. 2 5 kg pork neck. Baked house salami. It's no longer a big secret that I like to cook everything at home to avoid commercial chemicals as much as possible.

More on www pofticiosi ro. Ingredients 2 kg pork shoulder 1 teaspoon cilli powder orange peel 60 g salt 32 g pepper 280 ml matte red wine sheep cow. 1 wash the meat well and dry it with paper towels. It is said that certain salamis we find in stores are made from leftovers.

Homemade sausage recipe here. It is perfect for sandwiches or to be served at the holiday table as an appetizer. I would like a Romanian homemade salami recipe. Separately combine the 500 ml of water with the starch in a saucepan.

If necessary, give a little cold smoke and keep it in a ventilated and cool place for a long time, even for a month. Boiled salami a delicious homemade sausage. The salami we buy commercially is often prepared with substitute chemicals and inferior meat. 500g of lean meat 1 2 teaspoon salt an onion and a clove of garlic optional 30 ml white wine cone.

Tasty salami for healthy snacks from meat, salt and spices without any colorings and food additives. Traditional Romanian sausages type house rose recipe here. Sausages like the arad recipe here. Ingredients 700 g chicken breast or turkey 300.

Homemade sausages prepared by chefs contain chicken pork combined with ingredients and spices. Spicy beer sausages recipe here. You can use any meat you want. Homemade sausages Arad family recipe.

Get a tasty and appetizing homemade sausage without preservatives and chemical additives. 2 3 garlic cloves. 50 g of rock salt 20 g per 1 kg of meat. Homemade Kaiser boiled with onion peels see here.

A simple recipe prepared at home without unnecessary preservatives or chemicals. Spices to taste. It is prepared amazingly simple and the result will pleasantly surprise you. Once the syrup has thickened, remove from the heat.

Stir constantly until the syrup boils thickens and becomes slightly golden it can be difficult to see the shade of foam so put it off the heat to check. Boil 380 ml of water with sugar and lemon juice. Homemade sausages. Bucataras ro offers you a wide range of original and delicious homemade sausage recipes.

The salami recipe requires some patience in the sense that you will have to wait until it is good to serve but it is so easy and it is so tasty that it would be a shame not to try.

Video: 6lb Grand Salami Cheesesteak Sandwich Challenge!! (May 2022).