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Memorial Day Dessert Ideas

Memorial Day Dessert Ideas

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Celebrate Memorial Day sweetly with these American-made desserts

It doesn’t get any more patriotic than these Memorial Day desserts.

If you’ve having friends heading out back for some delicious barbecue this Memorial Day, you don’t want them just noshing on the grilled goods. You want to show off your patriotic pride with a few tasty desserts as well. After all, the way to your guests’ hearts is through their sweet-tooths. Serve them these tasty American-made.

Tipsy Apple Pie Recipe

Try this refreshing (or perhaps, mind-numbing) twist on a familiar classic. Brandy and crystallized ginger give this apple pie some serious kick.

Carla Hall’s Red Velvet Cake

Who doesn't like winning an election? I sure was happy when viewers were asked to vote for a favorite recipe, because my Red Velvet Cake came in first! That's saying something when you consider the runners-up were hush puppies and waffles, which are two of my favorites. Hey, I'm a Southern girl, and the Southern part will always love her hush puppies, while the girl in me remembers waffles so fondly. People say this is a sexy cake (Clinton does, but he says that about everything except maybe boiled turnips). The color red no doubt has a lot to do with its sexy reputation: think Valentine's Day. This is a fun cake to make with kids, and I guarantee that after eating this cake, most kids will be happy to have learned that beets aren't yucky!

Easy Cherry Tart

Cherries are associated with one of our founding fathers- George Washington. Celebrate by making these tarts in his honor.