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Khloe Kardashian is A Great Tipper and More Celebrity News

Khloe Kardashian is A Great Tipper and More Celebrity News

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What a busy week! With the Billboard Awards and Cannes Festival still going on the celebrities were out and about. Now, with Memorial Day weekend upon us, be prepapred for lots of celebrity sightings next week.

Highlights from this week? MarkZuckerberg forgoes a wedding cake for chocolate mice, Sarah Jessica Parker has a secret lunch with Anna Wintour, and Snooki is handing out weight loss tips.

Restaurant Buzz

Chris Brown was kicked out of club, Haze at Aria, while partying and buying young women bottles of champagne in Las Vegas. [NY Post]

• Supermodel Anne V. and Jared Leto shared a drink at Chateau Marmont. [The Cut]

Khloe Kardashian is, apparently, an excellent tipper and super nice at restaurants unlike the rest of her family. [Grub Street]

Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan celebrated their wedding with food from Palo Alto Sol and Fuki Sushi, their favorite restaurants. [The Daily Meal]

Taylor Swift ate lobster carpaccio at Las Vegas' Yellowtail Restaurant and more after her win at the Woman of the Year awards. [The Daily Meal]

Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour laughed it up at a Balthazaar lunch in New York City. [NY Daily News]

Seen & Heard

Eva Mendes cooks up a storm for boyfriend Ryan Gosling. [The Daily Meal]

• Community's Allison Brie, and Jame Franco's younger brother, Dave, have a grocery-store date.[Us]

• On her weight loss, Snooki tweeted, "I worked out every single day and lived on grilled chicken and veggies!" [Twitter/Snooki]

Perez Hilton tweeted "LOVING Greek yogurt these days! Healthy and yum!" [Twitter/Perez Hilton]

Jessica Biel flashed her engagement ring while grocery shopping in Studio City, CA. [Us]

Kirsten Dunst partied with Samantha Ronson during a girls night out. Dunst drank a red-colored drink while the rest of the girls sipped on white. [People]


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