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Prepare a pandispan from eggs, sugar, flour and baking powder.

After it stays in the oven until it passes the toothpick test and browns nicely, we take it out and pour over it a cup of syrup prepared in advance. Put the water with the sugar on the fire, until it boils 2 times.

The pudding powder is mixed with the sugar and incorporated into the slit juice, then everything is put on the fire and boiled until it thickens, stirring constantly. Pour quickly over the counter and even out. After all this treatment, the pandispan is left to cool very well; meanwhile beat the whipped cream and cut the sliced ​​fruit.

After the cake has cooled well, garnish with whipped cream and portion without removing it from the tray, then on each piece of cake add the fruit according to everyone's imagination. Prepare the jelly cake according to the instructions on the envelope. Pour lightly, with a spoon over the fruit and put in the fridge the wonder thus obtained until the 2nd day.

It is cool, delicious and easy to prepare.

Budapest TV Cake Double old recipe

Budapest TV Cake Dobra old recipe. How to Make TV Cake? It is also known as Budapest Cake or Dobra Cake. A cake with cocoa leaves, vanilla cream with lemon, fluffy top and chocolate icing.

TV Cake made after old recipe from grandparents' notebooks. Those from Transylvania and Banat know it from Budapest Cake, others of Black and white cake and Slivia Jurcovan presented it in her straight cookbook Double Cake. In Hungary this cake is called Vendégváró szelet (The cake that guests expect). Ladislau (aka Veve), dear friend and moderator in Urban Flavors Group on Facebook he prepared it the other day and offered us the recipe and some pictures. A classic, fine cake, with two tender sheets of cocoa (with sologar, willow, salicale & # 8211 ie ammonia), simple vanilla cream or flavored with lemon peel, two thin layers of apricot jam and a fluffy top and vanilla. The TV cake is glazed with chocolate.

Although it seems complicated to know that the recipe is easy to prepare. The different components can be made in advance with 2-3 days and the cake can be mounted and glazed later. It is even recommended that the tender leaves with cocoa and ammonium be prepared 3-4 days before they have time to soften. The vanilla cream with butter can also be kept in the fridge for a few days and the fluffy top in the middle remains fragile due to the oil it contains.

Ammonium for cakes is sold in all food stores in 7 g sachets. Only 5 g (sheets) are put on this cake, so approx. 2/3 envelope.

Veve recently prepared this Budapest Dobra TV Cake and offered us the recipe and some pictures. We thank you!!

From the quantities below results a TV Cake of 30 x 25 cm.

Lemon cream cake

Today I propose a light, flavorful, cool cake recipe, a recipe. For a long time I wanted to show you this delicious, cool dessert that is prepared very quickly. What are the most refreshing cakes for the hot season. Therefore, lemon tart is one of the most recommended desserts. You have the freedom to pay in installments, you benefit from the promotions of the day, the opening of the package at. Cheesecake with honey and lemon, a very fragrant dessert, easy to prepare.

To thicken the cake I used a little gelatin for both the cream. Lemon Tiramisu recipe, a recipe without baking, so simple and cool! If you like cool desserts, try the Red Velvet cake recipe. We continue the series of refreshing summer recipes with an amazing dessert: lemon cake.

Let's find out together how to prepare this. The package contains 8 mini cakes. Store in a cool, dry place.

Consume until the date marked on. Because I really like the aroma of lime and lemon, I quickly made an absolutely brilliant cream. I licked the whole pan after assembling.

How to prepare the cake with biscuits built into the countertop

Countertop preparation

Prepare syrup

Cream preparation

Rub the yolks with the sugar and a little salt, then add the flour, lemon peel and dilute everything with a little cold milk.
Put the rest of the milk in a bowl on the fire, and when it is hot, add the yolk cream in it and stir continuously to even it out.
When the cream thickens, like a pudding, put the bowl aside on the fire and add the essence.
Let the cream cool, then mix it with soft butter, kept at room temperature.

Put a little butter in the cream and continue mixing until the butter is exhausted.

One serving contains: 115 Calories, 8 g Carbohydrates, 3 g Protein, 9 g Lipids, 1 g Fiber

Ingredients for 16 servings

  • Pineapple in compote without added sugar (800 g)
  • Sugar-free vegetable cream (500 g)
  • Diamond sugar substitute (100 g)
  • Eggs (4 pieces)
  • White gelatin (20 g)

Method of preparation

  1. Whip the cream for 30 minutes in the mixer. Separately, beat the egg whites with the sugar. Also separately, rub the yolks with a little salt.
  2. Melt the gelatin in the compote juice over low heat, then leave it to cool and incorporate the cream, eggs, finely chopped fruit and the gelatin at the end.
  3. Stir gently from bottom to top and place in a tray 40 cm wide and 80 cm long.
  4. Keep cold for an hour before serving.

You can find this recipe in the KiloStop Fit Bunny recipe book, which you can also buy online.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks in 2 bowls.

In a deeper bowl mix the yogurt with the sugar, until it melts, add the yolks that I beat with a fork with the oil, gradually until it is incorporated into the yogurt beaten with the sugar and grated peel from 1/2 Lemon.

Whisk the egg whites together with a pinch of salt and cold water until translucent, then add it spoon by spoon into the bowl with the yolks and yogurt, mixing with a spatula from bottom to top.

Flour (at the beginning 300 g) sifted and mixed with baking powder add it to the composition in the rain, mixing with the spatula from bottom to top, until it is well incorporated (not to remain lumpy flour).

If the dough is too thin, add more flour (the dough should have the consistency of a cake).

Transfer the dough to a 30/30 cm square tray, lined with baking paper well greased with oil (or margarine), and sprinkle walnuts and raisins on top.

Put the tray in the preheated oven at 190 degrees for 35 minutes, then let it cool in the pan.

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

It will be powdered with powdered sugar and cut into small squares and served with a tea on a terrace in the morning or in the evening with friends.


If we want a more versatile (or concentrated) dessert, we can apply a chocolate icing over the cake (from dark chocolate and liquid cream, melted on the eye from the stove in a kettle and then poured warm over the cake).

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